Energy ECX 165

2 way Coaxial

Very good performances without using separate components. ECX Energy coaxials are equipped with a unique tweeter featuring a new Tetolon® soft dome with built-in crossover.

The proprietary RHFC™ technology provides the ability to orientate the tweeter to attain the ideal dispersion and frequency response. Every element is optimized for maximum reliability and efficiency. Incredibly dynamic sound and constant, lasting performances in whatever factory locations.

€ 99,-

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Technische Daten

Size mm Woofer 165 (6"1/2)
Tweeter 20 (3/4")
Power peak 140
Handling(Watt) continuous program 70
Impedance Ohm 4
Frequency response Hz 60 - 23K
Sensitivity dB/SPL 93
Outer diameter mm 165
Mounting hole diameter mm 145
Magnet size mm 85
Total depth mm 77
Mounting depth mm 66
Weight of one component Kg 0,954
Voice coil diameter mm 25