AUDISON bit Ten (Signal Interface Processor)

bit Ten features a 32 bit, 147 MHz clock speed Cirrus Logic DSP. It is a special DSP, ensuring high integration, where the main processing functions are implemented in optimized and pre-configured blocks, providing the ability to reduce the processing resources, ensuring top level performance.
The architecture is completed with 24 bit A/D and D/A converters as well as a powerful microcontroller to manage, supervise and connect the system to the PC.

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Technische Daten

Audio DSP and converters:
32 bit Cirrus Logic (Clock speed: 147 MHz) Digital Signal Processing chip and A/D D/A converters working in PCM at 48 kHz with 24 bit resolution. The processor speed allows the user to hear and verify in real time the changes applied during the tuning
4 independent high-level channels with automatic summing capability
1 analog low-level stereo auxiliary input
1 high-level momentary audio interrupt input (with priority) on Phone Mute cable (settable through PC)
Audio Outputs:
5 independent analog PRE channels featuring adjustable level
Control Connections:
1 USB /B (2.0) connector for PC connection
1 AC Link control bus connector for DRC
1 input for external Mute (settable through PC)
Guided procedure that, thanks to a wide range of set names, provides the ability to assign each component to the bit Ten connections and automatically coordinate their functions
Turn-on Controls:
ART™, Automatic Remote Turn on/off, selectable from Hi-Level Front L. The ART™ can be enabled through an external switch.
Through the Remote IN
Through vehicle ignition key trigger with memory function
Through the DRC (optional)
Automatically through the hands-free phone kit
Input sensitivity adjustment for the Master Hi-Level inputs (with supplied Test CD)
Manual input sensitivity adjustment for auxiliary inputs
Independent level control for each output channel for system fine tuning (-40 ÷ 0 dB)
Automatic de-equalization of signal fed into the high-level inputs (with supplied Test CD) if necessary. It can also be performed without the PC
31-band graphic equalizer (1/3 Oct.; ±12dB) for each output channel
Filter Filter typology: Hi-pass, Lo-pass, Full Range or Band-pass with independent selectable cut-off slope
Cut-off frequency: 70 steps available from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Cut-off slope: 6 to 24 dB/Oct.
Selectable alignment: Linkwitz or Butterworth
Mute: selectable for each output (On/Off)
Phase: selectable for each output (0°/180°)