AUDISON bit one (Signal Interface Processor)

How many times have we met the limits of OEM Integration, expandability or the overall sound quality of our audio system upgrades? Bit One is the solution. Bit One is a multi-function digital processor capable of interfacing with any analog and/or digital source, turning any ordinary system into one with very high-level performance. Despite its compact size, the Bit One is equipped with a powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor).
Managed and configured by simple and intuitive computer software, it is possible to make adjustments to improve the signal through each phase of its path; from input to output.

A revolutionary technology; making the acoustic domain of your car… truly yours..

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Technische Daten

8 independent high-level channels or 6 independent analog low-level channels
2 analog low-level stereo auxiliary inputs
1 optical digital input
1 electric coaxial digital input
1 high-level momentary audio interrupt input (with Mute IN) for use with mobile phone or navigation systems
8 independent low-level analog channels and 1 AD Link output
(8 independent digital audio channels through a single CAT 5.S LAN cable for use with AD Link provided amplifiers)
1 USB /B (2.0) connector for PC connection
2 AC Link control bus connectors for DRC and AC Link amplifiers
Full range stereo or multichannel signal derived through automatic summing of up to eight high level inputs
Guided procedure to assign input channels to selected output channels based on inputs, speaker and amplifier configuration If necessary, Bit One creates a rear, subwoofer and center channel output (mixed L+R) from a single stereo input
Volume Input sensitivity automatically adjusted for the main inputs (with supplied Test CD and DVD)
Manual input sensitivity adjustment for auxiliary inputs
Independent level control for each output channel for system fine tuning (-40 ÷ 0 dB)
Dynamic equalizer: system self-adjusts between low and high listening levels Automatic de-equalization of signal fed into the high-level inputs(with supplied Test CD and DVD) Four separate 31-band graphic equalizers (1/3 Oct.; ±12dB) for each auxiliary inputs Eight independent 31-band graphic equalizers (1/3 Oct.; ±12dB) for each of the eight output channels
Filter Filter typology: Selectable; Hi-pass, Lo-pass, Bandpass, Full Range
Cut-off frequency: 70 steps available from 10Hz to 20kHz
Cut-off slope: Selectable; 6 to 48 dB/Oct.
Alignments: Selectable; Linkwitz or Butterworth
Mute: Selectable for each output (On/Off)
Phase: Selectable for each output (0°/180°)